Farewell Candlestick

The city of San Francisco said farewell to Candlestick Park in what was an exciting win for the 49ers. A few weeks ago, Mike Kepka and I started to look for a personal way to tell the bigger story of goodbye. Meet Don Figone. Don and his family have 12 season tickets and will not be repurchasing them down at the new stadium in Santa Clara. Passed down three generations, the Figone family has had season tickets since Kezar. Monday night it wasn't just the final game of the season for Don, it was the end of an era for his family.

Leading up to the final game of the regular season, we spent a Sunday at Candlestick Park hanging out with the Forever Faithful. The Niners are known in the NFL to have one of the most colorful, loud fan bases of all time. It was a blast to get to know them and capture their passion.