Hey it's Me!

In a society where digital communication has become the norm, lonely pay phones are what remains from the days of analog connection.

Made for the San Francisco Chronicle in collaboration with Pete Kiehart.

Created and Produced in 48 hours. Slow motion footage shot on a Sony dSLR that I've had the privileged to prototype.

This was a fun one to produce. Pete came to me and said he wanted to collaborate on a  video to show the lack of payphone use. I decided to challenge us to see the opposite of the obvious. I didn't want to just stalk a payphone and wait for someone to hopefully use it, I wanted to create an art piece that would not only honor where technology has been, but where it is headed.

Knowing how important audio is, we set out to the streets with a double sided headphone jack in search of the best kept voicemails. I knew I wanted to find a way to mix the old with the new and use modern technology as a juxtaposition.

As I began to edit the piece together, the storyline quickly took form. From "Hey it's me," to "talk to you soon," it occurred to me that the structure of a phone call hasn't changed, just the device has.