49ers Clips

I had the awesome opportunity this past football season to become an expert in all visual things 49ers. By the end of the season I could describe to you almost every photo taken of Colin Kaepernick and find in an instant, a photo from 6 games ago of coach Harbaugh.

The sports desk would come to me and say we have a vertical hole on the right side of the page and we need Frank Gore. Without even running through the wire, I could visualize the perfect image I saw of him throughout the season and then hit the wire to find it. Not necessarily saying I'm proud of this, just saying that this is what my life was for 22 weeks.

That all being said, I've come along way in my 49ers knowledge given I had to have a friend fill me in on who the top starters were the week before I began the job.

Here are a few photo editing clips from Special Sections that I worked on near the end of the season. It's such an incredible feeling to be able to recap a season and dig into the archives to draw parallels.

I think one of my favorite pairings is in set 2 on the third page. I had the privilege of working with Peter Hartlaub on a then and now gallery. He found the Then's, and I spent some time in this year's take to package the Now's. More can be seen online here. Such a fun way to see Candlestick.