Harsh Light

One of my favorite things about the future is that it has potential to make all the tough lessons of the past, worth it.

With a new year always comes the chatter of resolutions and things that one wants to do different. For me this next year is not about doing different, it's just about doing.

I spent the day today in my quiet house searching through old hard drives and notebooks trying to make sense of this last year professionally.

From covering my first Superbowl to documenting history with the overturning of Prop 8 and DOMA to spending a semester in an East Oakland school shinning light on young boys fighting to beat the odds, to creating a video that went viral showcasing the human side of Batkid, all the way to the very last week of the year capturing the final 49ers game at Candlestick, this year has seen it's moments. (Not to mention making my first music video and international commercial.)

But today, what struck me the most, is a little folder on a forgotten hard drive from about four months ago titled Oakland. This past year Oakland has become home. I've laughed, cried, created and dreamed in Oakland. What I found in that folder was not what I expected.

A trend, driven by harsh light. The kind of light that illuminates new friends and total strangers. Light that makes you feel from negative space. Light that reminds me, through it all, to continue to see how I see... and see it more deeply.